about us

The church began with a lengthy tent revival located on the property that is now owned by farmer's Furniture. Rev. A. J. Duncan and his wife Rev. Dora Duncan organized the church in 1944. They were also the evangelists who conducted the revival.

  The Church of God in Lee Florida disbanded in order to become a part of the new church in Madison . They sold their church and parsonage then gave all the money to the Madison Church of God to help build the building at 700 South Horry Street. Among those who helped to build that facility was Emory and Ellis Drew, Walter Shaw, O'Neil McCullough, Alfred Hemphill, Bro. Cox, and Jack Colvin. The congregation attended their first service in their new sanctuary in 1945.

 I n the 1960's Sunday School rooms, a kitchen, and restrooms were added to the building. The parsonage was located next door to the church until November 1970. Rev. Jonnie Morgan was the pastor at the time had the old parsonage torn down, and a house was purchased at 414 S. W. Washington Street to replace the old parsonage. This house was paid for within three years. In 1982 under the leadership of Rev. Donald King, more Sunday school classes, and a fellowship hall were added to the existing building, and the outside also got a face lift by adding a simulated brick finish.

In the year 1986 Rev. Ronnie Weeks came to pastor. The inside of the sanctuary was remodeled in 1987. The church was growing. In 1990 they purchased the house and lot behind the church and removed the house for a parking lot. Also that same year the parsonage that was bought in 1970 was sold and moved so they could build a new parsonage. The new parsonage was paid for in just four years. Also during the fourteen years Rev. Weeks was the pastor, the local church purchased a twenty-one acre parcel of land in the edge of the city limits of Madison , for the purpose of relocating and building a new sanctuary. This piece of property located on the Valdosta Hwy. Was paid for within one year.

  The church began raising money for construction of the new sanctuary. Over half of the moneys were raised before construction began. Rev. Robert Kirkiand came to pastor in March 2000, after the tragic death of Bro Weeks. Pastor Kirkland and these lovely folks here at Madison Church of God continued with the vision and the raising of funds for the new facilities on Valdosta hwy.  

In August 2001 Rev. Doyle Glass was appointed as pastor of the Madison Church of God. Both He and the local church accepted this appointment as being the will of God. Reverend Glass picked up on the vision and started working on plans, seeking the will of God, and guidance. The church continued to raise money for the new sanctuary. The plans were finalized in early 2002.

  Construction was started on the new building in January of 2003 and we moved into the new sanctuary in November 2003. State Administrative Bishop Reverend Donnie Smith dedicated the new facilities. Thanks to God, thanks to the church people, and thanks to the community the work on the building is finished, but the work has just begun.

  In the year 2006 Pastor Glass and Sister Glass built a new home in Lee , Florida , and moved in just before Thanksgiving of that year. The existing parsonage was sold in July of 2009, and the moneys were used finish paying off the new sanctuary. The church is again debt free. Thanks be to God!

  There have been times of growth and times of rest sense moving into our new sanctuary. I am so glad that you are reading this today. Right now we are in a real need for a youth  and Christian Education building. And we are praying for God to open the door for this shortly.